RamTester Fail


I’m trying to use the RamTester that comes within opalkelly’s samples, but it fails. I’ve searched in opalkelly forum and I found out that it could be an memory initialization problem. But checking the verilog code, it seems it’s doing the initialization well. The results of RamTester are:

---- Opal Kelly ---- RAMTester Application v1.0 ----
FrontPanel DLL loaded. Built: Oct 21 2007 12:46:25
Found a device: XEM3005
Device firmware version: 3.0
Device serial number: lUloPQYbzK
Device ID string: Opal Kelly XEM3005
FrontPanel support is enabled.
Generating random data…
Writing to memory(0)…
Reading from memory(0)…
[0] = 0x1D / 0xDD // 0xC0
[1] = 0x64 / 0x32 // 0x56
[2] = 0xB9 / 0xDC // 0x65
[3] = 0x2E / 0x37 // 0x19
[4] = 0x9E / 0x6C // 0xF2
[5] = 0x52 / 0x37 // 0x65
[6] = 0xDB / 0x4C // 0x97
[7] = 0x45 / 0xB7 // 0xF2
[8] = 0x25 / 0xCC // 0xE9
[9] = 0x97 / 0x73 // 0xE4
Passed: 0 Failed: 1
Generating random data…
Writing to memory(0)…

Is there another version of RamTester (bit file, exe file), please?

Thank you,


Which version of FrontPanel do you have installed?

The latest on the forums is 3.0.11.

Oh, I have the 3.0.10.

Where can I download the newer version, please?

Also, when I try to download something from the forum, I get:

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  1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
  2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

Thank you!


Please see this post:


Thank you very much. Email sent.

Where can I download the newer front panel version (3.0.11), please?



Oh, don’t worry.

I ve already got the 3.0.11 in the forum.


*But I still get the fail message. Anything wrong with it?

Cheers and thank you,


@Joao- What is your current PLL configuration on the XEM3005? Have you changed the EEPROM settings from their default?


My PLL confs are: (I think that changes in the confs were made once, months ago)


Is this OK?


PLL.JPG (45.0 KB)

What are the correct parameters, please?



The defaults for the XEM3005 are:
P=400, Q=48, DIV1=VCO/4, DIV2=VCO/8
Output 1: DIV1BYN, ON
Output 2: DIV2BYN, ON
Output 3-6: OFF