RAMTester Bitfiles

I am wondering how the ramtest-1500.bit file was generated. What version of ISE was used, and what options or switches were used? I have synthesized the ramtest.v file provided with the sample, and also the ramtest.vhd file that is at the bottom of the Support page of the website, and neither of the resulting bitfiles worked for me.

Xilinx ISE 7.1i was likely used for the bitfiles you’re referring to.

Did you select the correct target device for synthesis? Did you include the constraints file to get the pin mappings correct?

Yes, I choose the correct device, and included the ucf file. I was using version 8.1i. I assume the version shouldn’t really matter though. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You are correct – the version should not matter. What about the bitfile did not work? Did it not download or did the application not work with the downloaded bitfile?

If you configure the FPGA from within the FrontPanel Application, does it show that the configuration has FrontPanel connectivity (the icon at lower right will turn from grayscale to color)

When I try to run RAMTester on a Linux machine, it finds the device, but then replies with “FPGA configuration failed. FPGA could not be initialized.”

When I try to configure in FrontPanel, it also fails.

What is the file size of the bitfile?

637 kB - same size as yours