Python 3.4 Supplement

I’m attempting to work with the Python 3.4 API supplement for FrontPanel, and having trouble. So if I download the supplement, go into the unzipped directory and attempt to import ok I get an error stating ImportError: No module named _ok. I’m running from the amd64 subdirectory, which clearly contains both and _ok.pyd. I would think that would be enough, but clearly there is something I’m missing? For the record I’m running this test using Python 3.4.3 and running Ubuntu 14.04 x64. Searching online and on this forums it sounds like this error can occur if the incorrect version of Python is used to load the SWIG module, but given I’m using Python 3.4 I would be surprised if that were the root cause (or is the dependency so rigid that bugfix releases break the bindings?). I’d really like to use Python 3 and it seems like this functionality is provided, but I’d imagine I’m just missing something obvious here…

Having exactly the same problem.
Are there anay solutions