Publishing my project in an SCM

I’d like to put my projects in a source code management system (git) and publish the repository on the internet as examples much like open source. I’d obviously like to include everything required for myself and others to build my projects. Including, of course, the Opal Kelly files required. This would include the header files and shared library for my programs, and the ngc and Verilog files for my FPGA designs. It’s next to impossible to include these files in an SCM that has everything I need to rebuild my projects but doesn’t also others to get the Opal Kelly files. What (if any) options are there to allow me do this?


The most common way to distribute this sort of thing is to provide a README that references where the user may acquire the licensed materials. As an example, many vendors (e.g. Micron) provide simulation models that are only available from Micron. Someone distributing materials that rely on those models refers the end-user to Micron.

Similarly, you would refer your end-user to us. Afterall, someone trying to build and target FrontPanel would need an Opal Kelly device to run it on, anyway – otherwise there is little point to synthesizing or building the software, right?