Programming XEM3001v2 with Borland C++


Hi, I have a question about programming the XEM3001v2 board with borland C++ 6. From the default libraries board can be programmed by Microsoft Visual C++ 7. But when I convert them to Borland’s library definitions with coff2omf, Borland couldn’t see the converted one. Do I have to use Microsoft Visual C strictly? The application I want to do is very simple. I want to send 3 bytes of data to the board and observe them from other pins of the board. 2 bytes of data will be sent continuously while the other one updated if necessary. If it is possible, I want to use Borland C++.If it doesn’t, how may I do this?


I use BCB 6, but it only works with the DLL.



I use BCB 6 too, but DLL don’t work. I load DLL file with okFrontPanelDLL_LoadLib() function, but if I want to use function from DLL i got exeption like that: read of address 00000000 in module okFrontPanel.dll.

Any suggestions??