Programming the Xilinx PROM

Is there any way to program the Xilinx PROM through USB? The JTAG connections are a bit awkward due to the pin pitch.

No, not at the moment.

The best way to accommodate the 2mm pitch is to either build your own converter cable or use the “fly-wires” from Xilinx. I’m not sure if Xilinx has stopped including these with their JTAG kits, though.

Thanks. I found the best way is to use most of the JTAG pins on the breakout board, with just TDI plugged into JP1. Otherwise the pin pitch on JP1 is a bit tight for the flying leads. And yes, Xilinx still sells the flying lead adapter.

Here’s a somewhat related problem: I just programmed the PROM on my XEM3010 using the Xilinx “Platform Cable USB”, while having the FrontPanel USB connection plugged in also, with FrontPanel running (not doing anything). It now seems I have fried all my USB ports. Any other reports of that happening? Could just be a weird coincidence.

I can’t think of any reason why that would happen. We’ve done the same many times here without any repercussions.