Problems with the PLL22393 in Java


I’m having problems changing the settings of the PLL22393 in Java. I’m trying to change the frequency output of CLKA on PLL0. I don’t know if I’m missing something or if I’m on the wrong track. Here’s my code:

okPLL22393 clkSys =new okPLL22393(); XEM.GetPLL22393Configuration(clkSys); clkSys.SetPLLParameters(0, P, Q, true); clkSys.SetOutputSource(0, okPLL22393.ClockSource.ClkSrc_PLL0_0); clkSys.SetOutputEnable(0, true); XEM.SetPLL22393Configuration(clkSys); clkSys.SetOutputEnable(0, false); XEM.SetPLL22393Configuration(clkSys); XEM.GetPLL22393Configuration(clkSys); clkSys.SetOutputDivider(0, Div); System.out.println("Frequency Sys: " + clkSys.GetOutputFrequency(0)); XEM.SetPLL22393Configuration(clkSys);

I do get the right frequency when I use the GetOutputFrequency function, but the problem is that the led I have blinking on the OK board doesn’t change. Have I missed something?

I hope you can help me!