Problems with online shop and email

Sorry for abusing the forum, but i have two problems. First i can’t order anything in the online shop because my shipping address (in the Netherlands) is not recognized, so I can’t order anything.

Second problem is that I can’t mail you since all 3 emails ISP’s (one in Germany and two in Holland) all get blocked by your spam gateway.

So you are making it really hard to get new customers. Please drop me an email ( on how I can contact you to place an order.

Best regards,

Erwin Rol


Sorry for the trouble you’re having. I’ll contact you directly.

Yes, we’ve had to switch to some more aggressive SPAM filtering. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this, but we get an enormous amount of SPAM (as I’m sure everyone does).

I deleted the previous post of the email headers, but copied it before doing so and will look into it.

It is often the case that some ISPs are on blacklists and cannot get through merely because of their source, not their content. In the six months using this SPAM service, we have not had any trouble, but I will look into this particular case.

My dutch ISP is notorious for getting on blacklists :confused: But this happens also with my german and another dutch ISP, that seems a lot of wildcard blocking, especially since you leave no other way to contact you.

Maybe you could just white list my and email address, so i don’t have to keep polluting the forum :slight_smile:

thanks for looking into this.

  • Erwin


I have whitelisted those two domains for the support email address.