Problems with libraries


I am working on a XEM3001 Spartan 3, and I want to transfer data from the card to a computer.
So I used the sample “PipeTest” with Python and Visual C++ interface, and I managed to compile it and make it run as described in the online tutorial. But I wanted to have a program only in C++ doing the same thing. Then I kept the part I needed in the C++ files (.cpp, .h), and after several changes I tried to build it, but I got errors I couldn’t solve :

msvcprt.lib: error LNK2005: basic_string<> déjà défini dans PipeTest.obj

If I ignore the library “msvcprt.lib” I get more errors.
I tried several things but It didn’t work, but I think it’s a problem with the “stl”.

Any advice would be appreciated.

msvcprt.lib: error LNK2005: basic_string<> déjà défini dans PipeTest.obj : the constructor basic_string is already defined…

I work with sam. We are trying to transfer the bittest sample demo program into a simple “console application”. In fact, we would want a version that can be compiled using different environments (borland, visual). When we declare a string (stl object) in our program in order to call the functions of the frontpanel, we obtain this error at the link step.

Your best bet is to migrate to the DLL. You won’t have to deal with funny linking errors and clashing libraries. It will also gain you a lot in crossing to a different compiler.

Here is the Visual project.