Problems with libraries



I am working on a XEM3001 Spartan 3, and I want to transfer data from the card to a computer.
So I used the sample “PipeTest” with Python and Visual C++ interface, and I managed to compile it and make it run as described in the online tutorial. But I wanted to have a program only in C++ doing the same thing. Then I kept the part I needed in the C++ files (.cpp, .h), and after several changes I tried to build it, but I got errors I couldn’t solve :

msvcprt.lib: error LNK2005: basic_string<> déjà défini dans PipeTest.obj

If I ignore the library “msvcprt.lib” I get more errors.
I tried several things but It didn’t work, but I think it’s a problem with the “stl”.

Any advice would be appreciated.