Problems with firmware v3.0


If I upgrade my device from 2.5 to 3.0 and I load my design I have a USB communication error. In the files I see that al the control signals (HI) are in one databus now. It wasn’t before. So I change my pinfile(UCF) to the new version and also the VHDL in Mentor Graphics. But now I get, when loading the bit file an communication error.

What I see in the difference between these files, is that the 3.0 version have one more bit for the host interface, signal hi_in(3).

I don’t know what I do wrong. Can anybode tell me


Have you read through this page yet?

It lays out the differences between the new/old firmware and explains what else needs to be updated.

I have migrate to version 3. And look at the site you say to me. But the information about the difference in HDL is minimal. In the new UCF file you had one signal extra, that wasn’t here before. I think this is the problem. It’s strange.