Problems getting connection to XEM6310 to reopen multiple times

Is there a recommended practice for closing instances of FrontPanel when using the Python API (specifically for USB3.0 connection to XEM6310)?

After about the fifth time I run my script (on OS X 10.11), it can’t connect to the device. To recover, I have to power down the device, disconnect the USB cable, power up the device, and reconnect the cable. I really need my customers to be able to connect to the device over and over without going through this procedure every few tries.

I’ve tried using the Close() method and found it didn’t exist. Then I tried deleting the instance with the Python “del” command. No dice.


Please contact Opal Kelly support and provide detail of your process. Please provide anything we may need to reproduce the problem as a minimal script – as little as possible to reproduce the problem and no more.