Problems downloading a configuration file


I have a problem concerning the function ‘ConfigureFPGA’ in the C+±API. I have used this function in a small program. In most cases there is no problem, but sometimes the download fails. It seems very randomly to me, because I do not alter the source code. What can I do?



Are you using the latest API? Which release of FrontPanel (which includes the API library) are you using?

Can you provide details of your application, platform, and machine? How fast is your PC? Are you working under Windows? 2000? XP? Linux?


I’m using the FrontPanel-version 1.0.7. The application is a function generator. I allocate one RAM-Block on the FPGA, in which I write the values of the function I want to generate. These values are then repeated periodically.
I work with Visual Studio.NET 2003 under Windows XP. I have an AMD-Athlon processor with 2.8 GHz and 512 MB RAM.


You should download the latest software from the Software Downloads section. A bug has been squashed that caused problems on fast machines. Let us know if you still experience problems.