Problem with counters example

I am trying to build the project file for the counters example provided in the installation disc under the wxWidgets folder. I am using Visual Studio 9.0 to try to build the project to interface to the Opal Kelly board, however, I cannot do so. I get the error below.

1>.\Counters.cpp(1) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘wx/wxprec.h’: No such file or directory

Where do I obtain this file? So I need to install wxWidgets in order to run this program? My overall goal is to try to create a new executable file to get a better understanding of Visual Studio 9.0 and the process of creating such files.


Yes, you will need wxWidgets installed to build the Counters project.

Please note that our samples are setup to be used from the perspective of someone experienced with both Xilinx ISE tools and standard C/C++ development tools such as Visual Studio. If you are new to Visual Studio, I would suggest that our samples are not the best place to start.

Instead, you should work through a few simple examples from Microsoft to become experienced with Visual Studio before working with our samples.