Problem loading library in Matlab

I’m having difficulty getting the FrontPanel dll to load properly in Matlab. I get the following:

loadlibrary(‘okFrontPanel’, ‘okFrontPanelDLL.h’);
Warning: Warnings messages were produced while parsing. Check the functions you
intend to use for correctness. Warning text can be viewed using:
In loadlibrary at 399
Warning: The function ‘okFrontPanelDLL_LoadLib’ was not found in the library
In loadlibrary at 461
Warning: The function ‘okFrontPanelDLL_FreeLib’ was not found in the library
In loadlibrary at 461

Looking through old posts, I saw that others have faced this same problem (see Matlab API thread) and that it was caused by having an out-of-date or incompatible set of files (API, dll, dll’s .h and .cpp). Although these posts had responses with updated files, the posts are now 4 plus years old, so the files are likely out of date again, and the file is corrupted. Any suggestions?

I have several different versions of various of the files (see below) as I am working with code that a collaborator created a few years ago (that was based on an older dll, .h, and .cpp) and also have code from the CD with our recently purchased board. I have tried basically all combinations of the following dlls, .h, and .cpp files, and although I get some additional warnings with some of these combinations, with all of them I get the two warnings described above. I don’t know if it’s related, but if I try to go past this step, for example in ok_getdevicelist to
calllib(‘okFrontPanel’, ‘okUsbFrontPanel_Construct’);
I get a null pointer… The Front Panel software is installed and the board connected to the computer in question. I’ve tried the first Front Panel sample and that works fine. Ideas?

Board XEM3001v2
Front Panel 4.0.0
Matlab 7.10.0 (R2010a)

Three different .h files:
Rev 424 2006-12-18
Rev 484 2007-02-21
Rev 899 2010-12-20

Two different .cpp files
Rev 486 2007-02-25
Rev 896 2010-12-20

DLLs (by date last modified)
2007-04-17 (or earlier)



Hi, i meet a problem when I use matlab api.
It says:
lcc preprocessor error: D:…\okFrontPanelDLL.h:16 Could not find include file
There was an error loading the library “okFrontPanel”
Can someone can help?

Thanks very much.

I know this problem, those functions are not exist in the .dll library.
But don’t worry. it will not cause any serious problems.