Power XEM7310MT +VDCIN

I am going to be designing a PCB for the XEM7310MT to plug into. Instead of having 2 wall supplies powering both boards, I’d like to power the XEM7310MT from my PCB.

I assume +VDCIN on the M1 connector of the XEM7310MT board can be used to supply +5V to the board instead of using the barrel connector. The 3 pins of the Samtech connector look like they can carry enough current to power the XEM7310MT, 2A each. Is there anything I should be cautious of when doing this?

I do not want to use the barrel connector on the XEM7310MT because the board I am designing will be drawing more current than the Samtech connectors are capable of.

Please see the power supply section of the XEM7310MT documentation here:

You can power from MC1. As shown in the diagram, this is equivalent to powering from the on-board DC barrel connector. There are 3 pins on the connector for VDC as listed in the Pins reference:

Samtec rates each of these pins to 2A.