Power Supply for XEM3010-1500P



I was hoping to order a couple of the XEM3010-1500P boards but noted the power supplies are currently out of stock. Do I need this poiwer supply to run the board or will the power supplied by the USB suffice? I won’t initially need the on-board RAM. The on-chip RAM will suffice for now.





We just received more stock on the power supplies.

Also, you can run the XEM3010 using USB bus power but you need to recognize the limitations – USB specifies that only 500 mA (2.5W) may be supplied via USB bus power. The XEM3010 has a 1.0 or 1.5MM gate device which can conceivably draw much more power than this.

In an unconfigured state, the XEM3010, it only pulls about 100 mA.