PLL not generated


I had a question regarding the PLL. I am a newbie but I believe I have everything that I need to generate a PLL. I am trying to run a counter based on the PLL. The counter data is put onto a bus that transmits the values to a computer via a double buffer. The values are recorded using a C++ application. The PLL will be controlled by the C++ algorithm. I know my algorithm runs because if I use the system clock, I can view my counter values. However, when I use my PLL as the counters clock, the counter refuses to count up. Also, I am tying the system clock to the PLL but the code seems to ignore this. It just uses the system clock anyways.

Are you using one of our FPGA boards? Which device? How do you mean that the PLL is being controlled by the C++ algorithm? Can you post any code snippets?