Please help with min. C++


I have started using FrontPanel since 2 days. It has been sometime since I last did C++. To start with I just have a verilog file that can take 16 bits of data in through a “pipe in” and outputs an inverted version of the input through “pipe out”. Verilog/FPGA is not a problem.
I want to write a c code that would not only configure the FPGA but also would input data from a file and out put to a file. What is the minimum and where could I get help for this minimum code of C.:slight_smile:


Hi chameleon-

Have you checked out the DESTester sample yet? While the FPGA code is a bit more complicated, the C code (see the CxxDLL one for a C-based DLL version) is quite simple.

It basically configures the FPGA, sets up the PLL (not required if you pre-program it), and performs some file transfer.