OpalKelly licenses for encrypted HDL modules?


Hi all,

I have inherited a project that uses some OpalKelly HDL IP: okHost.v, okHost.sv and okEndpoints.v. I have what I know is a working project that uses these modules for USB3.0 communication. When I try and build it in Quartus Prime Lite, I get the following errors:
Error (292014): Can’t find valid feature line for core okHostVerilog (29AE_0120) in current license.
Error (10003): Can’t open encrypted VHDL or Verilog HDL file “//okHost.v” – current license file does not contain a valid license for encrypted file

and Error 10003 for every other OpalKelly module in my design. Does this mean I need to obtain an OpalKelly license of some kind, or do you think it is a Quartus Prime issue?

Thanks for your time, it is appreciated.


The license file is included with the FrontPanel distribution, in the FrontPanelHDL folder (on Windows this is located at C:\Program Files\Opal Kelly\FrontPanelUSB\FrontPanelHDL). You’ll need to add this license to Quartus Prime. Instructions for this are documented in the README.txt contained in the Samples folder of the FrontPanel distribution.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the insight. Sounds like I need to obtain my own copy of the FrontPanel Distribution.