Old FrontPanel Version

Hello everybody,

I have an XEM3010 with a ADS1675REF (Texas Instrument) plugged on it. I want loaded the bitfile used by ADCPro Plugin in order to make acquisition with CPP Opal Kelly API but the DLL file corresponding is a old version (built : Jan 23 2007, 20:33:37). So I want to know if it’s possible to obtain the Opal Kelly Source code of this DLL version => I suppose the name is : okCUsbFrontPanel.hpp and okCUsbFrontPanel.cpp and I think is the Opal Kelly API version 1.4.x

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, AuraHxC.

We no longer support the 1.4.x API, but you should have no trouble getting the newer versions of our SDK working with the XEM3010.