Old firmware versions?

For various reasons I need to temporarily downgrade the firmware on an XEM3010-1500P from 3.0 to 1.4. I think I have the right firmware file on hand – it’s called okFirmware-20060102.FrmPkg – but I noticed your links in the Download forum have all been removed except for the latest release. Is there a place to download legacy firmware? Also, there doesn’t seem to be a similar file in my 3.0 distribution. I want to make sure I can revert when I need to. Thanks.


If you need a particular legacy firmware that you cannot find, please email support directly. You can always start the firmware update procedure to see which version is available within the package you have before committing to the update.

Unless you have previously upgraded to 3.0, you may not have the firmware package. You will need to submit the form here to receive it: