okTriggerOut Updates

@ O-K
For handshake between the board and the host via. okTriggerOut endpoint, in the past I always used it in such a manner that the RTL triggers okTriggerOut first by a bit change in the 16-bit EP_trigger, and wait for the host detects the event and clear the bit by a updateTriggerOuts/IsTriggered. Now I have to questions;

  1. Are EP_trigger status bits cleared by updateTriggerOuts or by the following IsTriggered action ?
  2. What would happen if EP_trigger value in the RTL changed twice and thus triggered okTriggerOut twice before the host performs updateTriggerOuts/IsTriggered check. Does the host get the 16-bit value of EP_trigger of the first triggering even or that of the second one ? I would appreciate it if you can confirm it for me. Thanks HM

I found the answer myself. My tests showed that the 16-bit output vector of okTriggerOut from the board can only set the status bits of the host side register word, i.e. the bit set by a previous trigger will stay after a subsequent trigger setting a different bit. The set bits cannot be cleared by the triggers from the board, they can only be cleared by the host side software after performing a series of IsTriggered , one bit at a time.

In other words, the XEM board can only issue triggers to set the status bits in the host side, but can not clear any status bit it previously set.