okTriggerIn and okTriggerOut in Matlab

I’d like to understand better the trigger endpoints, please. I’ve already read the manual, but I could not get it deeply.

Using Matlab, the first thing I must do is to Activate the trigger, right? ok.I read that the trigger signal is syncronized with some clock (ti_clk, for example - I specified it in my VHDL code) and then it will assume a high value for a while (a clock tick). But when it assumes a high value, please? Hence:

Fist: Activate trigger in Matlab console.
Second: But WHEN the trigger acts?

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@joaomaeda–the trigger acts as soon as possible, but this timing is not guaranteed. It depends on a number of factors: the USB stack scheduler, the USB firmware software, and the clock timing inside the FPGA.

Basically, you’re dealing with a complex software component (the operating system) and a complex interface (USB) – neither of which are designed for real-time operation.

Oh, Ok!

So once I activated it in Matlab, the trigger will act (the trigger goes like a pulse soon as possible), right? I mean, I dont need to send any other Matlab command to pulse the trigger?

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That is correct. ActivateTriggerIn works “immediately”.

Other commands work with an update: