Okslider default value

I am using the okslider and the default “value” does not appear to work. It is always coming up as 0. The correct default value does show up when I click on the slider. Any help would be appreciated.


When you say “it is always coming up 0”, are you referring to the value as seen by the FPGA? If so, then yes, this is true. The WireIn values are not updated at the beginning, so any control will need to be “touched” for the FPGA to register that initial value.

Yes, I am looking at the target FPGA signals. The similar okDigitEntry function updates at reset without “touching” it on the FrontPanel. The okDigitEntry uses the same “value” type parameter for its initial value. Is the difference in actual operation stated in the manual somewhere and I just missed it?


Thanks for pointing that out. You are correct and I was wrong about okDigitEntry not doing this. A fix for the Slider is in the works and will be in the next release. We hope to have that ready in the next couple weeks.

Did this ever get fixed? I feedback the slider value to a text box, but the text box doesn’t get the correct slider value untill I actually slide the slider.

Yes, our software history shows this was fixed and should be in the new version. Which version of FrontPanel are you running?