okFrontPanelDll.cpp / okFrontPanelDll.lib

Hi there,

After downloading new FrontPanel version I found that okFrontPanelDll.cpp is no longer needed and okFrontPanelDll.lib should be used for linking C++ apps instead (FrontPanel-UM.pdf, http://forums.opalkelly.com/t/missing-okfrontpaneldll-cpp/1230).

However, I can’t find okFrontPanelDll.lib in the FrontPanel-CentOS6.5-x64-4.5.5.tgz (similar to http://forums.opalkelly.com/t/migrating-from-older-frontpanel-version-to-v4-5/1436), neither in API or any other folder.

Please would you advise on that, where is okFrontPanelDll.lib?

Thanks in advance,

.lib files are Windows specific and are not used in Linux/CentOS. The libokFrontPanel.so file is the equivalent that we use for Linux and can be found in the API folder.

Thank you very much,

-lokFrontPanel fixed my problem.