okFrontPanel.dll in Visual Basic 6.0 project


This may be a simple task for somebody out there - for me as VHDL and 8051 designer it isn’t…

I want to make simple interface programs to the XEM3001 that are able to store data to harddisk or to send files to the FPGA etc. I’ve been using Visual Basic for similar tasks when communicating over COM-Ports and got used to it’s simplicity.

Now, how can I integrate the FrontPanel DLL into a visual basic program? Has anyone done this? Is there a sample project that does some simple things (like download firmware to the FPGA on the push of a button)?

If not, there seem to be a lot of C++ programmers out there:
Could anyone provide a (very simple) sample project in Visual C++ (6.0) giving me a general idea of how to setup a project using FrontPanel DLL or API or whatever should be used best?

Thanks for any hint! -Arne-