NGC files for XEM 3010-1500P Board


I 'm the happy onwer of a XEM3010-1500P board…

To build a bitfile, i wonder if i can use the .ngc files located in the C:\Program Files\Opal Kelly\FrontPanel\FrontPanelHDL\XilinxISE71_v2 directory i.e the same NGC files for 3010-1500P as those for 3001 (SP3 400K) ?
I guess the answer is ‘yes’ but i prefer to check …

Other thing, there are no samples showing the use of SDRAM…i found an sdram controller at, i guess it should work)


Hi Jerome-

Yes, the NGC files from XilinxISE71v2 will work. The XEM3010 interface is identical to the XEM3001v2. But please make sure to read the note on the I2C and MUXSEL pins of this new interface. (In most cases, you’ll just tie them to HI-Z and GND, respectively, but you need to do so)

The SDRAM controller we include with the RAM3001 example (See the library section at:
) will work with the XEM3010 (same SDRAM). We will release a XEM3010-specific project that will include this simple controller.