New XEM6110 device


I noticed that the new XEM6110 board will house a XC6SLX45 spartan 6 (
). Would it be possible to buy this board but with a larger capacity spartan 6, but same package. I believe that the largest capacity spartan 6 for the same package is in the order of 100K 6-LUTs.

Also, is there a nice C API for the PCIe interface, similar to your frontpanel USB API. I know other vendors tend to provide an easy to use streaming PCIe API (both SW and HW side) to their boards.


The XEM6110 can be fitted with a larger device, but this will not be available (at least initially) as an off-the-shelf option. Contact sales@opalkelly for more information if you’d like to pursue this.

Yes, our existing FrontPanel API works with the new device. In fact, our software and HDL interfaces have changed so little that migrating many designs could be done in less than a day. We even made the XEM6110 nearly pin compatible with the XEM3010 so we’ve got you covered in hardware, software, and HDL!

Would it be possible for O-K to make the host side adapter an “open-design” ? That way, the system designer would be able to custom-design a HA for his application. In my case, I would need to design a HA with multiple PCI_e connectors to support multiple XEM6110-based front-end modules. Currently I use a SFP with each XEM3010 for that purpose. In my view, if O-K can provide the design of the HA, that would make a world of difference for deploying the S6 modules.:o

The design is not open, but we have been known to work closely with customers. Please contact us directly at and we can discuss your needs.

If you don’t mind, I would like to ask if you are going to offer a Spartan 6 module with your traditional USB2.0 port (i.e. like XEM3010 with a S6 chip) in a near future ?

We generally don’t mention future product development outside of our official announcements. If you have such a need, please contact with your project information and what features you’re looking for. That is the best way to feed back customer requests into our development cycle.

I do most of my HDL development on a laptop. Do you have a laptop adapter card for this new 6110 module ?

We do not have one yet, but we have successfully used the OSS-PCIe-HIB2-EC-x1 from One-Stop Systems:

Your laptop also likely supports the hot-plug capability of PCI Express.

Thanks for the information. It is great there is an off-shelf PC-card for this module.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just saw your newsletter, and thanks for putting out the new XEM6010 module. Now I have an upgrade part for the 3010 applications I have.:smiley: