Multiple pin assignments error

I’ve recently started a new project on a ZEM4310 board. As a very first step I’m trying to setup a communication with the USB interface from a host PC but when I compile the project, I got 3 errors as the following

Error (176310): Can’t place multiple pins assigned to pin location Pin_D1 (IOPAD_X0_Y44_N0)
Info (176311): Pin okUHU[1] is assigned to pin location Pin_D1 (IOPAD_X0_Y44_N0)
Info (176311): Pin ~ALTERA_ASDO_DATA1~ is assigned to pin location Pin_D1 (IOPAD_X0_Y44_N0)

the other two refers to conflicts between pin pairs { okUHU[0] , ALTERA_DATA0 } and { okUHU[28] , ALTERA_FLASH_nCE_nCSO }.

I’ve checked the pin asssignments defined on the qsf file (which was generated from your pin utility) and I’ve found no trace of ALTERA* pins.

Could you please help me to fix this?
Gian Nicola

Altera FPGAs have some dual-purpose pins. To fix the error, select:
“Assignments -> Device, Device and Pin Options, Dual Purpose Pins” and then look at the setting for the conflicting pins. In my project they were set to default to “As Input Tri-Stated”. Just change them to “Use as regular I/O”.
Gian Nicola