Multi XEM boards and exclusive use

I’d like to use multi XEM3010 board on a PC and access XEM3010 exclusively. I found isOpen() method in FrontPanel, but I couldn’t use XEM3010 exclusively… “isOpen()” method always returns 1, and I can access same XEM3010 from two Windows application. This might confuse user and can’t work properly.

Would you have good idea?

The method OpenBySerial() is intended to open a precise XEM by its serial number. What parameter are you passing to this method?

I pass the string that was returned from GetDeviceListSerial() function. I’m wondering to be able to open a XEM board from two windows applications. I think I can use “isOpen” method for exclusive use of a board, but I can’t prohibit to open a XEM board what is already opened by another Windows application. What is purpose of isOpen() method?

You cannot use IsOpen() to get exclusive access. Your application will need to manage exclusive access on your own using a semaphore or some other technique.

IsOpen just tells you if a board has been opened. You can create an instance of okCUsbFrontPanel, but never open a device.