Modify Firmware of the USB chip


I am developing a camera with USB2.0 interface.

For my project, I need to modify the Firmware of the USB chip (CY7c68013).

I need to know how is the hardware interface between USB chip and the FPGA, to be sure that the FX2 can work in the mode that I need (I want to work in Slave Fifo Mode).

I want to develop the code for the Cypress CY7c68013 using Keil or SDCC Compiler, and download it to the EEPROM Board using the CyCONSOLE of Cypress.

And I am going to download the code of the FPGA using the JTAG with the Byteblaster cable using the XILINX ISE. ( I am new with xilinx always I have worked with Altera, maybe the Xilinx cable name isn’t Byteblaster so excuse me).

Is possible to do it using the XEM3005 Board? Is hard to know without schematics.

XEM3005 board has an EEPROM or its Firmware run from FX2 RAM?.

Is possible to see the schematics of the Board?.

Thank You.

Diego Botero