Modelsim 6.5a support

please add modelsim 6.5a simulatio libraries…

thank you,

Modelsim (Mentor) is really making your life miserable. I just downloaded the only copy of the Modelsim tool from the Xilinx site. It is 6.4b.

I added your 6.3c libraries into the Workspace, but it fails to simulate with those models showing the error below.

Would it not be easier for you to create encrypted Verilog models that are simulator agnostic?


Loading okFPsim_ver.okHost_XEM5010

** Fatal: (vsim-3381) Obsolete library format for design unit. (See design unit listed above.)

Time: 0 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /test_ddr2_tf/u_ramtest File: …/ramtest.v

FATAL ERROR while loading design

Error loading design

No Design Loaded!

Modelsim has a “refresh” command that allows you to refresh a library to a more recent version.

From the library view, you right click on the library (okFPsim, e.g.), then click “Refresh”.