Modelsim 6.1e (VHDL) and FrontPanel 3

I had this working in the previous version.

In my VHDL:
library okFPsim_v2;
use okFPsim_v2.all;

In Modelsim.ini:
okFPsim_v2 = “c:/Program Files/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/FrontPanelHDL/ModelSimXE6_v2/okFPsim_v2”

(note that the folder names are a little different from what you give in the documentation).

I am not using Modelsim projects, just sourcing TCL scripts from the Modelsim transcript window. Could that possibly make a difference? The error I get is

** Error: (vcom-19) Failed to access library ‘okfpsim_v2’ at "“c:/Program Files/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/FrontPanelHDL/ModelSimXE6_v2/okFPsim_v2"”.

Thanks for any help.

Sorry, this was my mistake. While I haven’t actually verified the new stuff, I realized I was working with older files left over from a previous installation.