Matlab driver troubles

I’m working on a project that was already in progress, and I decided to update the drivers we were using. I’ll admit, I didn’t check what the older version was, but we are now running version 4.0.8. The trouble is, the new API files for matlab don’t work anymore.

I did search through the forums for this problem, but all threads were old and all the solutions already seem to be implemented in the API files. The trouble I’m having comes from the first few initialization functions, which are part of the API package, and I haven’t tinkered with them at all. When ok_getdevicelist is called, I receive the following error:

[I][INDENT]??? Error using ==> calllib
No method with matching signature.

Error in ==> ok_getdevicelist at 21
sn = calllib(‘okFrontPanel’, ‘okFrontPanel_GetDeviceListSerial’, xptr, j-1, ’ ', 10);
Has anyone had this problem before? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: XEM 3010, XG3S1500, MATLAB 2009b

I’ve same problem

API 4.0.8, xem3005
Matlab 2011b