MATLAB API under Vista

I am having some problems getting the MATLAB API to work under windows Vista. I have used it many times under XP and it works fine. I get some warnings with I load the API but it works. There are different warning in Vista but I can not establish a connection to the device. I know the device can be seen by the machine, FrontPanel sees it. When I run the a:
num = calllib(‘okFrontPanel’, ‘okUsbFrontPanel_GetDeviceCount’, xptr)
command in MATLAB it returns 0 which means it can not find any devices. Anyone have any suggestions.

it seems that Vista is not supported.

You must close FrontPanel for the API to see the device. Only one application may access a device at a time.

Vista is supported by FrontPanel. I do not know if Matlab supports Vista.

I am working under XP, but with many problems,
can you help me with the matlab code under XP by send me your sample code?
Thank you.