Making very stable machine with frontpanel and Windows

I have worked on an industrial machine project that uses XEM3005 and frontpanel as the primary communication link b/t host pc (win7 pro 64-b) and machine control hardware. sometimes the usb link simply broke (maybe once every 2 weeks) and that results in the host application crash as well. after crash, I could always simply restart the application and run normally again for another couple weeks, so the hardware is not broken.

questions and advises needed:

  1. the machine requires absolute reliability. how do i detect the link status? and prevent application crash as a result of link broken?
  2. is it possible to re-init the link after detecting the link broken?

thanks a lot!


First, it’s pretty uncommon for the USB link to go down, so there must be something unreliable with your hardware causing this. Although it is possible to build the application to be tolerant to this, it is usually advisable to fix the issue as well.

Please see our DeviceChange sample for registering for Windows device change notices. You’ll need to manage your communication threads when the device change notice comes down.