Latest XEM6310-LX150 boards are not flashing


We purchased 9 XEM6310-LX150 boards before 1/30/13 and they all work fine. (These units had device firmware version 1.2)

We recently purchased 4 more XEM6310-LX150 boards on 4/16/13 and they do not seem to FLASH an FPGA bit file. The FPGA does not seem to configure after a power cycle. (These 4 new units have device firmware version 1.8.)

I am using FrontPanel version 4.2.5 and flashloader with FrontPanel DLL: Nov 13 2012 11:17:21.

Did something change recently?

Do I need to upgrade the FrontPanel DLL or flashloader program?


John Pavan

John… This is a better question for This forum is generally for community discussion.

I have the exact same problem with XEM6310-LX45. On old board with 1.0 firmware I can program the flash and boot from it, on newer one with firmware 1.8 I can not. Apparently the boot profile is not set correctly. I’m using FrontPanel 4.2.5
Is there a solution?


I still have this problem.
Any news about the firmware update that has been announced together with FrontPanel 4.3.0 release?