LabView Interface with XEM6010 and XEM6006

I have written a simple VI (see attachement) for LabView 2011 that works with both the Shuttle LX1 and the XEM6010. It uses first.bit to allow the user to turn LEDs on and off. It does not configure the PLL nor does it load the .bit file. Steps for use…

  1. Run the FrontPanel app
  2. Load “first.bit”
  3. Load First.xfp and make sure that you can turn on and off the LEDs. (This step can be omitted, but I’d do it at least once.)
  4. Close the FrontPanel app
  5. Run the VI in LabView

Hope this helps.


bd.JPG (40.1 KB)

VI.JPG (41.1 KB) (10.6 KB)

For some reason I can’t open the attachments on this thread, does anyone know why?