LabView Help to Program the Opal Kelly XM5010 Board

I?m new to FPGAs and normally program in LabView to build GUIs and application programs. I will have an FPGA programmer working on the FPGA programming while I work on the setup and control GUI in LabView. For my project, I will be using LabView 11 but until I get the newest version, I?m using version 8.5 to try and learn how to interface with the Opal Kelly XM5010 Board. I?ve built the Opal Kelly LabView VI library, following the previous post on this forum, and have about 99 .VIs installed in the LabView User Library. Now I need some help learning how to Open the connection to the USB port and how to use the Opal Kelly VIs to communicate with the XM5010 Board from LabView. I have FrontPanel working and the PC is talking to the Opal Kelly Board via USB with the sample programs provided by Opal Kelly. I would greatly appreciate any help in getting started.