LabView FrontPanel DLL Import

LabView is technically not supported by Opal Kelly but a significant number of our customers use the okFrontPanel DLL extensively with LabView. We do not own a seat for LV so cannot officially provide support.

One such customer (who prefers to remain anonymous) has provided us with some screenshots that may help you get started.

The primary take-home message from this is that you should add “_WIN32” to the Preprocessor Definitions during the Import Shared Library wizard. Everything else is just defaults.

Here are the screenshots…


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And more screenshots…


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And the last bits…


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Hi !

I would like to know what is the Labview version and the Windows version used for this DLL import ?

Thank you for your answer.

Hi, I met a problem. When i import the dll file using Import Shared Library Wizard, the labview was freeze for GetJTAGResetProfile function.
Any ideas? Thanks.

There are four functions which cannot be imported successfully.
Which are:

  1. Get FPGA Boot Reset Profile
  2. Get FPGAJTAG Reset Profile
  3. Set FPGA Boot Reset Profile
  4. Set FPGAJTAG Reset Profile

The import shared library report is:
{The following VI cannot be created. This might indicate that the associated function contains parameters of a data type that cannot be converted directly. To work around this issue, you can create a custom control or typedef control to represent a complex structure or multidimensional array, then re-run the Import Shared Library wizard and select Update VIs from a shared library. Using the same shared library, step through the wizard again. On the Configure VIs and Controls page, assign the custom control or typedef to the associated parameter(s). Complex structures include nested structures, structures containing arrays, arrays of strings, and multidimensional arrays.}

These functions may not be used. However, it will be great that the problem can be fixed.
Any ideas?
Thanks for you response.

PS. The FrontPanel is 4.2.6 release. LabVIEW 2012.

Screenshots appear not to be visible anymore. Can Opal Kelly reload them again? Many thanks,

Nikola Krstajic

The screenshots are broken due to a data translation issue. You can fix this by replacing the domain name portion of the URL with “”. For example, the first screenshot is available here:

The screenshots are still broken and I can not see it.

Many thanks,

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