JTAG connections for Platform Cable USB

If you ever need to layout a new BRK3005 (or change the XEM3005) it would be VERY helpful to have a JTAG connector which mates directly to the Xilinx USB Platform Cable. Xilinx no longer uses the flying breakout leads (as on the Parallel Cable IV), but seem to have standardized on the new 14-pin cable for all of their development boards. It looks like I will have to revert to the old parallel cable, or make an adapter cable…

Yes, we’ve made the decision to do so. On our small boards, unfortunately, the largish 14-pin connector wastes a lot of real estate. On the breakout boards, however, we could definitely work this in.

I should note, however, that all of the USB JTAG cables we have purchased from Xilinx include the fly-wires. Our last purchase was probably about a year ago.