Java API


I am not sure how to use the Java API, especially for Pipe in/out (due to the pointers). Is there any documentation for the Java version?
Has anyone out there used the Java API and would be willing to share example code?



Hi karcher-

Attached is the DES sample as built for Java. We’re planning on including this version on the online tutorial – just haven’t gotten to it yet.

This may answer some questions – particularly regarding the PipeIn/PipeOut.

Jake (1604 Bytes)


Thanks for the code.
I tried building the Java app on both Linux and Windows. In Linux it tries to instantiate the okXEM3000 , but that does not exist in the okjFrontPanel.jar
I tried changing to okXEM, which made the compile O.K., but it failed to run:
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no okjFrontPanel in java.library.path

In windows I get the same error right from the start. I assume that I don’t have the .dll (or the .so file in Linux) in the right place. Any advice?
I use RedHat Linux, so the Fedora version should work…

O.K. now I put the dll in the system folder and rebooted (I thought the setup program had already done this), but it still can’t run since it is looking for the MSVCP71D.dll which is a .NET debugging library. Since I don’t have a .NET studio I don’t have that library… can you try compiling the dll in release mode?


Hi karcher-

Under Linux, you need to make sure the .so file is in your library path. See /etc/ld.conf to add one. You may need to run ldconfig.

Under Windows, the DLL is built with release settings. I’ll look into that issue. The MSVCP DLL is a public distributable, but the debug version shouldn’t be needed for anything. Again, I’ll check into it.

The latest release should have caught all the class name changes. Please let me know if you have problems with the latest software.


Oops. I’m not sure how that got in there. Here’s the Java API DLL with release settings. Sorry about that! Let me know if this works better for you. (24.8 KB)