Issue with FrontPanel on Mac computer

When I ran the First example on Mac. My okToggle could not be displayed but the rest can be displayed like okLED,okDigitEntry.
when I ran another example COUNTERs, an error displayed after i pressed the RESET button, the error msg is ‘wxSound-could not open file:c:/Windows/Media/tada.wav’… It seems that the software treats the OS as windows instead of mac.
Can anyone help me with the issues? and Anyone can provide a simple guide for the FrontPanel on Mac. Thanks.


okToggleButton is not supported on Mac OS X. Mention of this is in the FrontPanel User’s Manual in the section for the okToggleButton.

The soundfile reference for okTriggerSound is in the XFP file:

You can change this, as appropriate, for Mac or Linux installations. Since the vast majority of our users are on Windows, the samples are primarily targetted to that platform.