ISE gives error for okHostCalls.v


I’m trying to simulate the FrontPanel using ISE. I’ve changed the test_bench (taken from First_tf.v) according to my design and know that I wanna do some simulations, after adding the required files (inlcuding okHostCalls.v and …), I get compile errors indicating that:
…/okHostCalls.v" Line 447: is not declared.
…/okHostCalls.v" Line 448: is not declared.
…/okHostCalls.v" Line 449: is not declared.

when I check the files, I see that it’s true and there is no definition of those signals.
I’d greatly appreciate your help!


Which version of FrontPanel are you using and which Simulation sources (USB2 or USB3)?

If you could post the content of the lines you’re having trouble with that might help as well, as it’s not clear what the errors are just from the errors (it looks like the signal name was cut off somewhere along the line).

Hi I came across the same problem. Has the question been solved or not? Thx

It’s not clear if the issue has been resolved since the original poster never provided the additional detail requested.