Is there a way to speed up the FPGA configuration from System FLASH on XEM6310-LX150


I am using the XEM6310-LX150 and an AES encrypted bit file.

The bit file is ~4MBytes.

The FPGA configuration time from System FLASH is ~35 seconds.

The FPGA configuration time using the USB interface is ~1 second.

Is there a way to speed up the configuration via System FLASH?


Are you using bitstream compression?

no…I am not using bit stream compression.

I must use an encrypted bit stream and it seems it can’t be used with bit stream compression based on my reading in the Xilinx Spartan 6 config guide.

Is 35sec the expected config time for an uncompressed bit stream?

We see a similar ~32sec boot from flash time for an uncompressed XEM6310-LX150 bit stream. This is the best performance available at the moment without compression but we are working on reducing that time for future firmware releases.

Yes…I am seeing 32sec too, when I measure it accurately…

It’s acceptable for us now…I was just wondering.

It would be nice to have it faster in the future.