Is Labview DSC Module necessary?

Hi, I’ve done an application for XEM3010 with Labview 8.5, I’m using your kUSBFrontPanel components for Labview but I get this error

LabVIEW: An exception occurred within the external code called by a Call Library Function Node. The exception may have corrupted LabVIEW’s memory. Save any work to a new location and restart LabVIEW.

searching the web i found that this error is resolved just installing the Labview Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC). Is it right? is there another reason? what sould I do?

Please help me, I thank you

Help me please!!!

I have corrected the error, but although I followed your example counters to use the subVI I can’t see what is happening in the target yet.

Why the wire in/out don’t show values? what do I have to do to see values?

I’m trying to built an API for the example First which is in the Sample folder.

help me, please, it’s too important and urgent. I have to built an API with labview for a card developed by but I have’n found nobody knows how your labview’s library work.

I followed your suggestions but it doesn’t work and I don’t know what I’m not doing. The okusbfrontpanel_construct generates a number even without having a card connected and opens and configures and it seems as if it work, how :confused:?

i can’t use count because it generates error, i can’t see the neither device id nor serial, and I can’t see what is happening in the card.

Please could you give me a clearer explanation of how the functions for labview work. I thank you too much. :slight_smile: