Interfacing XEM3010 and Linux



We are considering to use XEM3010 to implement a controller that will interface with a Linux process over USB. Our target Linux box has a non standard distro.

1.Is the specification of the USB endpoints and the protocol to access them available (so we can write our own driver on top of libusb).

2.Is the source of the Opal Kelly Linux driver available to customers (having to sign an NDA is OK)?

  1. Where can I found documentation of the Linux driver and examples how to use it?





The current version of the Linux API is written on top of libusb, so most distributions should work just fine as long as they have libusb on there.

At this time, we do not provide any details about our implementation and the source is closed.


Thanks for the reply.

Where can I find the Linux API documentation and examples ?



The API documentation is identical for all supported platforms. Even the samples compile on multiple platforms. On Linux, there is a “Makefile” to build rather than a Visual Studio solution file, of course.