Installing usb drivers for xem3005 under windows 10


We have been running the XEM3005 under windows 7 for a long time. We use the old win32 drivers installed using front panel 3.0.x or earlier. When I look at Device Manager, I see “Opal Kelly” listed under Universal Serial Bus Connections. The drivers are listed as being at /windows/system32/okusb.sys. Everything works fine.

Now I’m trying to get it to work on a new Windows 10 computer and I’m being unsuccessful. I’ve tried installing various FrontPage versions – 3.1, 3.0, and even an old 1.4.1. I’m unable to talk to the XEM3005. It shows up in Device Manager under “Other Devices.” When I install the drivers, I can get it to move to its own category of “Opal Kelly” in Device Manager. I always fail at communicating. It has never installed okusb.sys into the /windows/system32 directory. Where does this driver come from, and how can I get the old 32 bit drivers installed?

Thank you.