Inhibit from connecting to a open device

I am working on a system consisting of multiple XEM6001 fpgas. I am able to create connections to all of them using the okCFrontPanel library with python. However I would like to make it not possible to use the OpenBySerial or Open method when the board is already being controlled.

I am using Linux, and in the FrontPanel manual it is stated that unlike with Windows the GetDeviceCount returns boards that are already controlled. Now if I connect to a board already controlled it prints out “WRN: Failed to claim USB interface: Device or resource busy (error 16)”, but the FPGA is reset anyways. Then the only error returned is when the ConfigureFPGA method is called, and then it returns TransferError.

My question would be that is it some way possible to make it such that a connection cant be established to a board that is being controlled?

Can you post a minimal set of instructions that you’re performing?

Once a process opens a device, that process owns it. Other processes should not be able to open that device and there should also not be any FPGA reset going on.

Please post the sequence of operations that you’re performing so our developers can try to reproduce the issue.